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Mission Bay


The Mission Bay Project, a public/private partnership with the San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, involves the transformation of a 303 acre former rail yard into a vibrant, high-density, transit-oriented community. 










Partner in the public process

• Sat side-by-side with the former Redevelopment Agency  in seeking      public buy-in and development of shared goals


• Work continually with Agency, CAC and community groups to

   address new challenges as they arise

Collaborator in planning and design

• Brought together community stakeholders to set vision

   and guidelines


• Continue to work hand-in-hand with the Agency to reinforce

   standards and apply lessons learned



Processor of permits
• Oversaw preparation of immense number of supporting documents


• Secured permits from wide variety of local, state and federal agencies



Coordinator of approval processes

• Developed plan for sequencing of approvals to address prerequisites


• Parallel tracked approvals when feasible to compress schedule

BOTTOM LINE: A fully approved project whose entitlements have stood the test of time and allowed development to proceed continually for over a decade.
Advisor on Public Financing

• Worked side-by-side with Agency’s finance director to time

   and size CFD and tax increment bonding appropriately 


• Educated underwriters on merits and stability of project to

   minimize public interest costs / maximize bond proceeds




Securer of private capital

• Delivered a steady private capital partner capable of enduring

   market cycles 


• Managed partner’s capital wisely to leverage other resources

   and keep project viable





Allocator of Available Resources

• Managed the phasing of capital deployment to leverage limited



• Concentrated targeted investment in the infrastructure most likely

   to spur additional private investment

Advocate in the Pursuit of Outside Sources


• Successfully promoted Mission Bay as a priority project for

   outside funding


Collaborated with Agency and City staff to secure environmental    

   remediation funds, pursue infrastructure and affordable housing

   grants,and stimulus funds


BOTTOM LINE: Leveraged over $400 million of direct investment in approvals and infrastructure into over $4.5 billion of private investment and vertical development, heading towards $9+ billion.



Builder of infrastructure + buildings

• Built over $400 million of new streets, utilities and parks


• Built three of the first buildings to establish demand and catalyze




Deal Maker with Third Party Builders and Users

• Landed an “anchor” tenant in the form of UCSF’s campus and

   subsequent medical center


• Completed two dozen land sales to over a dozen different

   developers and users


Implementer of Public Benefits

• Constructed over 15 acres of new parks and open space


• Driven private investment to levels that generate significant tax

  increment to finance public infrastructure and affordable housing


Employer providing Jobs and Training

• Development activities generated thousands of construction and    

   permanent jobs.


• Made tangible changes to contracting processes to raise LBE

   participation levels to nearly 40%


BOTTOM LINE: Project 50%+ built; land 90%+ sold to builders and end users; over a dozen private entities investing their own resources; hundreds of new affordable housing units; thousands of new residents; and over 15 acres of open space — all with more to come.


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