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Each new project presents a unique

set of opportunities and challenges.


No matter the project, in all of our work we are always committed to working with cities, agencies, communities, institutions and investors as partners andallies,to establish shared goals and align incentives, ensuring that every new development delivers the expected public benefits and private returns.


The company’s flagship project, Mission Bay,

has earned a worldwide reputation as

a successful model for smart growth.


Mission Bay places housing and jobs together with transit in an infill location on a brownfield former rail yard. A public/private partnership with the successor to San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Mission Bay represents what can be achieved when public and private institutions, developers and users partner together to transform underutilized waterfront property.

At over 300 acres, the immense scale of the Mission Bay project area is rivaled only by

its uniqueness.


Mission Bay is unique in that is is one of the few projects of its kind to advance beyond the drawing board. The number of stakeholders, the complexity of the regulatory environment, and the sheer volume of construction and investment provides a lifetime of development experience in a single project.


Mission Bay serves as a compelling case study of all the different roles our company

is capable of in complex urban projects.


The case study illustrates the results produced for our partners,

as well as the community at large.

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